The Face of a Newsletter (part 1)

There are so many ways to connect online with customers these days – a company website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, marketing emails, blogs, review sites, industry forums, search and directory pages... and the list goes on and on. Social media channels can be a blessing for those close-knit announcements, short ads, or promotions that maybe don’t justify a large marketing campaign. But what drives consumers to these online sources with an intent to purchase or make a charitable contribution? When was the last time you revisited a Facebook post from a company, or made a purchasing decision based off of an email alone? Studies show that consumers’ buying process is continually changing as the ability to research and compare products online has grown. However, the initial motivation for the purchase is still heavily influenced by print media.

Being able to communicate quickly to a large market with little or no expense is certainly welcomed by any marketer. The opportunity to get your brand or message in front of consumers without being intrusive is usually a good thing. But the ability of these online marketing channels to influence a consumer’s trust in a brand is surprisingly low when compared to media such as direct mail, radio, and television.

Building a brand relationship with a client is one of the most important aspects of sales during both the customer acquisition and repeat business. A client must know that you have their best interests in mind. They need to have faith in your experience and believe that you will provide the product or service that you say you will – this is the brand promise. The more this relationship is established, competitives such as price-point or lead-time become less of a factor in a client’s decision. And it is often more efficient for all because the focus is on a consistent product and service and not the deal.

As any experienced salesperson knows it can sometimes take months or even years to build these relationships. Utilizing all forms of media can be key and one form of media that has proven to be a great format to represent and build a brand is a newsletter.

A newsletter provides a way to build a brand relationship through offering a more indepth view of a business’ operations and expertise. Combine this detailed information with the personal and physical aspects of direct mail and it’s easy to see how a newsletter can be a very effective tool for building customer loyalty.

In part two of this article from Phillips Printing's newsletter, The Buzz, we’ll explore what is involved in putting together a newsletter including content, dimensions, mailing, and reply piece options as well as the resources available to help you get the most out of your direct mail marketing. 


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