Print and be happy (squidoo post)

It's hard to find a reliable printer or design group in Tennessee that offers a true value. Wouldn't it be nice to find a partner that not only has the experience in printing, but provides high-end design and service with a smile? Traditionally, if you are looking to get a direct mail piece designed and printed you would need to hire two vendors. First, an agency or design firm, and second, a printer. Of course this means more time out of your day to manage the process; a vine of business to business to business communication. You have to create, proof and finish with the design firm. Then you must transfer the files to the printer, which yields another proof - hopefully it looks like what was designed. Of course if any problems arise this can lead to a long and expensive stream of back-tracking. And if the piece has to mail, perhaps with variable data, well that's a whole other bag of beetles.

Keep it simple

There is a solution. Nashville, TN is home to one of the premier values in printing, design, & mailing. Phillips Printing, has been in the printing business for 50 years. During that time they have adapted to be a strong force in the printing and design environment. Not only do they house a variety of offset and digital presses, they also have a fiercely adaptable design team. Phillips provides design and printing services for all types of products including stationary, brochures, direct mail, business collateral, posters, business cards, and full corporate branding. And if you're looking for someone to mail your newly designed marketing piece, Phillips is a full service mail shop with all the list processing software, addressing & tabbing equipment in-house. If your business is looking for long-term partner for its' marketing and printing needs, then Phillips is a valuable choice. They are truly adaptable. You can see some of Phillips work by visiting their portfolio.

What's important

Phillips understands the importance of staying in touch with their clients. To get a feel of just how valuable Phillips services are, you have to experience something that they deliver with pride, something that is in short supply these days - appreciative customer service. Combine that with expertise and you have a winning combo.

The skinny

Phillips Printing is the adaptable solution for high-end design, experienced printing, expert mailing, and convenient online ordering services. They primarily serve companies headquartered in and around the Nashville, TN area, though, Phillips does service businesses with regional offices all across the southeast US and worldwide. Phillips Printing is located at 949 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37206. Phone: 1-888-ask-phil Fax: 615-227-2536. For more information visit philprint.com.

Phillips is more than just a printer.

Nashville, Tennessee
Let’s face it; it’s a jungle out there. One must be adaptable to remain competitive in this ever-changing business environment. Phillips printing can help you conquer the wide world of design, printing, and direct mail by offering a full line of services to manage your business’ marketing and printing needs. Explore more efficient ways to do business and get your message out there.